Will I or Won’t I?

We’re taking the boys to Busch Gardens tomorrow. I still haven’t ridden this monster (The Griffon). It’s got a whopper of a drop, and the rider is kept dangling at the top, looking straight down, for a few seconds before it falls. According to people who’ve ridden it, you feel like you’re in space, as there’s no floor under you. Hmmm…

I rode Apollo’s Chariot last season, and it scared the bedoobies out of me. I think I might keel over and die if I ride this behemoth.

I know, I know… When I was younger I was something of a daredevil, jumping out of planes and carooming down rivers and whatnot. Well, I’m not young any more. (Not old, obviously, but not young either.)

But there’s this thing I have about challenges. I may give it a shot.

Or I may wimp out and blame it on the kids…


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