Absurdity in the Law

photo of Genarlow Wilson I simply cannot believe the absurdity of this case. Unreal.

This kid, Genarlow Wilson, was an excellent student, a strong athlete, and by all accounts a great guy. He has been in prison for over two years for having oral sex with a 15 year old when he was seventeen. The girl testified on his behalf at the trial. She said the sex was consentual. Genarlow refused to plead guilty or plea-bargain, as he would have to register as a sex offender and then could not live in the same house with his little sister.

On June 13, Monroe County Superior Court Judge Thomas Wilson ordered Genarlow released, calling the sentence a “miscarriage of justice,” adding that Genarlow will not be placed on the Georgia sex offender registry.

However, Genarlow is still in jail. This dickwad, Attorney General Thurbert Baker, filed an appeal, and now the case is going to the Georgia Supreme Court on July 5th. They wouldn’t even let the kid out on bond.

The crazy part – well, another crazy part – is that the law that convicted this poor kid has been changed as a direct result of this case. But the change doesn’t apply to Genarlow. 19 years old and in prison for getting a blow job. Absolute stupidity. I’m embarassed for the state of Georgia.




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